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Ace favorite concubine Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Asbestos   85 views

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After Xu Er was born, what a delicate baby! She has been very clingy to me since childhood, and the first thing she called me was my sister. In this way, I have a sense of satisfaction as a sister. Finally, someone needs me. I no longer feel that no one in the world needs me. I finally feel that the world has a little bit of color, all because of her, my only sister. When Xu Er was born, there was a small butterfly behind her. As she grew older, the butterfly grew bigger and bigger. I often looked at her back. However, the eighth aunt went to warn me not to let Xu know that there was a butterfly behind her, and let Linglong not mention it in front of Xu again. We didn't understand why, but the aunt's careful face told me that there was something she had to do. She often held Xu'er in her arms and muttered to herself in the air that she could prosper the world and perish the world. Her expression was complicated and obscure, and occasionally there was a flash of sadness. She held Xu'er in her arms and wept for no reason. Over time, Linglong and I dare not mention the butterfly again. Days over and over again, and soon I slowly grew up, seven years old, it is really funny to say, only seven years old, I actually have the title of the first beauty of Xuanyuan. Seven-year-old child, the appearance has not grown up, where the United States, people will be snobbish, I hate this title. In my eyes, I am not even as beautiful as one percent of the eight aunts. At the age of seven, Zhi Mei and Zhi Yue treated me coldly. When I was too young, I might wonder why this elder sister had never played with them. Naturally, my feelings were also divided. Again, they are all spoiled young ladies, all beautiful and delicate,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, all the year round by my edge than down, naturally more jealous. I admit that I am a bad-hearted girl. Naturally, I am happy to make them jealous. The more insincere and sarcastic they are to me, the happier I am. Maybe I was born to be such a person. When I was seven years old, the palace banquet was very lively, and I also met the two most important men in my life, Xuanyuan Che and Nan Shuwen. The first time I saw Che, I was quite surprised. How could there be such a delicate child in this world. I know that my aunt has two children. I have seen Xuanyuanxiao, but I have never seen Che. My aunt is obviously very partial to Xuanyuanxiao. Every time I see her satisfied and proud expression, I feel as if this son is all she has. And I never heard her mention Che. Every time I asked my mother why I didn't see my cousin. My mother said that my cousin was a prince and was busy with his studies, and then she wouldn't let me continue to ask questions. It was the first time I saw him. At that time, he was only one year older than me. He was a little shy and shy at the party. He was a pure and handsome child. There is a pair of peach blossom eyes that can hook people's souls. Is this my cousin? I would look at it carefully and wish I had such evil eyes. Shu Wen, in the young Wang Sun noble is very quiet, with a faint smile, his eyes seem to be separated by a layer of fog, ceramic welding tape ,Alumina Ceramic C795, people can not see the truth inside. And it is this layer of fog that gives me the desire to find out.  Che's voice was cold and tender,ceramic bobbin element, with an unusual irony. Don't worry! I have just been paying attention to the expression of the queen, and usually no different. Prince, be more careful in the future. The queen will find every opportunity to advise the emperor to abolish you. Shu Wendao. global-ceramics.com