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Extreme Gengjin magic unreservedly output, poured into the sword, Du Xiner face slightly changed, hurriedly retreated to one side holding the sword cross-legged sitting down. She is not the strongest, and it will take some time to get the approval of this sword. There is no doubt that she was originally the weakest in the crowd, after getting this Gengjin artifact, the strength of the whole person will produce earth-shaking changes. An artifact is enough to change her strength. As long as she can break through the crown realm in the near future, then, with this artifact, even in the face of the supreme strong need not be afraid. The fat man calmed his breath, walked solemnly to the left wall, came to a hidden compartment in the center, and took down a large wooden box above. These wooden boxes carrying objects are inlaid with a variety of precious stones, which are not only ornaments, but also can isolate the air, and even the array produced by the precious stones on some wooden boxes can isolate the smell of the objects inside. There is no doubt that the box in front of us is like this. Zhou Xiaoxiao came to Ji Dong with the box in his hand, and when he opened the box, suddenly, a very thick breath came out of the wooden box, which was the attribute of Wutu. Next to the Wolf Tianyi,Whirlpool bathtub, breathing becomes urgent, as a magician, even if it is a saint, who does not want to have an artifact of their own? Wolf Tianyi is naturally the same, seeing the artifact in front of us, it is impossible to say that it does not fluctuate. What appeared in the box was not a weapon like the artifacts possessed by other heavenly saints; it was a bead, a fist-sized bead with a soft yellow glow all over its body,jacuzzi bath spa, round and round, from which the very thick breath emanated. Zhou Xiaoxiao's face showed a look of envy, "This thick earth bead can be said to be the first existence of all magic weapons with earth attributes.". Artifact, in our world, may be more than one of each attribute, but I can be sure that there will never be a second artifact of earth attribute that surpasses the thick pearl of earth in front of me. Even the earth attribute magicians on the side of the dark heavenly stem saints can't do it at all. "The pearl of thick earth, not only can be used as a weapon of attack, at the same time, for the magician, it can also be regarded as the source.". Among the three artifacts collected by our Chamber of Commerce, this pearl of thick earth ranks first. If you get it, as long as you merge with yourself, the first thing you can have is the land of chaos. With this thing as the source, no matter how you practice, endless pool factory ,endless swim spa, you will never be possessed by the devil, and the speed of practice has twice the result with half the effort.  Without Ji moving, Chen Sixuan took the six boxes and was about to give them to the crowd when he was stopped by Ji. Don't worry, after Tianyi and Xiner have absorbed the artifact, we are absorbing the six pieces of heavenly jade with the five elements of mutual generation cycle array,outdoor spa manufacturers, with our soul fusion as a guide, they will not take a fork in the road, to ensure a complete understanding of the profound meaning of chaos. monalisa.com