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His little fudge. Paid

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As soon as Su Tang thought of what the police had just said, she was so ashamed that she quickly went to cover her mouth: "Don't laugh!" Tan Rongrong tried to hold back. After two seconds, she couldn't hold back. She broke her work again. She put her hand on her shoulder and asked with a gossipy face: "Tell me quickly. Now you know that your potato brother has been secretly in love with you since junior high school. Do you have any feelings?" "How can I feel?" Su Tang pushed her hand away and walked quickly forward. Tan Rongrong followed up: "Yes, it's not that you have a crush on him. You should ask Zhou Shan about his feelings at this time." Su Tang stopped and bit his lip. "You're not allowed to ask him!" Tan Rongrong laughed and said, "How dare I? I'm not familiar with him. I want you to ask." Su Tang slanted his head and lowered his voice: "I won't ask." Tan Rongrong knew that she was shy, so far, she did not go on. They originally wanted to go back to eat ice cream, after all, just came out in a hurry, did not have time to eat anything. However, in the middle of the walk, Su Tang suddenly stopped and pulled Tan Rongrong's clothes: "Rongrong, you accompany me to buy a gift." Tan Rongrong hum: "What gift?"? To whom? Su Tang said: "Tomorrow is his birthday, I do not know what to send, you accompany me to pick it?" The girl's voice was soft, and even if she didn't make it clear, Tan Rongrong knew who the "he" in her mouth was. "Didn't you buy a scarf last Christmas and give it away?" She asked. Su Tang nodded: "Yes.". That was a Christmas present. This is a birthday. It's different. What's the difference. Tan Rongrong has never been in love, but look at Su Tang like this, is completely the appearance of a girl in love ah. She envies and longs for: "Ok,industrial racking systems, I accompany you to choose a gift, but you want to invite me to eat ice cream after buying!" " Ice cream is not expensive, Su Tang promised. The two girls went into the mall next door. The last time Su Tang bought him a scarf, he saw it by the way when he was shopping, and he bought it because he thought it was suitable for him. However, this is the first time she has seriously chosen a gift for a boy. Zhou Shan is not short of money. Basically, he can buy anything he wants. Su Tang walked around the mall and didn't know what to buy. Clothes and so on are too meaningless,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and he has electronic products, which are also wasted. Tan Rongrong accompanied her to stroll a little tired, two girls each bought a cup of milk tea, sitting in the mall to rest on a small stool, blankly looking at the people coming and going. Tan Rongrong bit the straw to give her blind advice: "If not, you can call to ask Zhou Shan what he lacks, and then buy it for him." Su Tang shook his head: "No, then there will be no surprise." To surprise and can not be ordinary things, Tan Rongrong also made a worry: "In other words, Zhou Shan senior birthday, he did not call out to play with his classmates?"? Why don't you ask his classmates secretly to see what the boys would prefer? Su Tang thought of Shi Hang's birthday and continued to shake his head. No, he would know. And when he went to his house this morning, he didn't mention who he was going to invite on his birthday. In her impression, heavy duty cantilever racks ,asrs warehouse, he seldom invited his classmates on his birthday and spent it at home with his family.Su Tang did not dare to say that he had stayed up late yesterday. He sat down on the chair opposite him, took a piece of bread, wrapped it in butter and ketchup,Automated warehouse systems, and added a poached egg and a few slices of ham. I'm not going anywhere. I just woke up with a pimple on my face, so I covered it. The daughter has always loved beauty, and this reason is reasonable. Su Mo nodded: "Just now your aunt Tang called and asked us to go out for dinner today." kingmoreracking.com