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I got divorced after I dressed up as a bully's wife. Unpaid

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Without waiting for Song Xiuran to say anything, Xu Tong said to himself, "It seems strange. I'd better call you Xiuran. Good morning, Xiuran." Xu Tong's husband doesn't have any other meaning. A star-chasing girl like her does the most things every day, such as all kinds of chicken/crowing under the micro-blog of Aidou, such as husband loves me, husband goes up/me, husband please face me directly. She doesn't know how many times she repeats these words on the Internet every day. Song Xiuran is not her love bean, but is her favorite paper person, calls the husband also just as well. But calling your husband across the screen is totally different from calling your husband in front of people. It's an unexpected shame to call him in front of a real person. Her heart activity Song Xiuran did not know, he just felt that the person in front of him was really a little different from before. The marriage of the original owner and Song Xiuran was an accident. After marriage, they respected each other like ice. Song Xiuran could not give anything except enough money and status to the original body. Under the same roof, the number of times they talked might not be as much as Xu Tong said in a day. Song Xiuran this person has been cold and light, the original owner will not rush to get together in front of him. Not without expectations for this marriage, but Song Xiuran is like a cold stone, the original owner looked at him a little afraid, let alone take the initiative to say anything to him, see him that is eager to hide as far as possible. Song Xiuran silently looked at Xu Tong for a few seconds, watching her face full of spring eating the golden fried egg,face detection android, the smile on her face was never before two people get along, so simple, and so pure. Before getting married, his mother told him that marriage is the fastest way to grow up. This sentence seems to be verified by his wife. Two people would never eat at the same table, Xu Tong like now come up to take the initiative to greet him for the first time, inexplicable, Song Xiuran mood is good,temperature check kiosk, fortunately he had the foresight to let the maid prepare two breakfasts. Before Xu Tong felt his line of sight, Song Xiuran had withdrawn his eyes and picked up his mobile phone from the table. Hello, Dr. Li, come here this afternoon. Hearing Song Xiuran call the family doctor, Xu Tong felt a little bad in his heart. Why did you call the doctor? She asked with a wink. Didn't you guess it all? Song Xiuran said very casually. Xu Tong: "I said I didn't break my brain, so I don't need to see a doctor." Song Xiuran shook his head. "It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter until the doctor says it." Although the original intention of the male God is for her good, but this sounds so uncomfortable. No, according to the memory of the original owner, the feelings between her and Song Xiuran are really very general, in the past there was a cold, Song Xiuran would not even ask her a question, how to touch the head yesterday, Song Xioran has been shouting to send her to the hospital? Could it be that Song Xiuran felt that she was acting strangely, interactive whiteboard prices ,touch screen kiosk, so he had some doubts about her? Xu Tong wants to cry a little, she has really restrained herself very much. Song Xiuran saw her sad face, the corners of her mouth raised a faint radian and soon disappeared. Shao Wenxuan was so excited yesterday that he didn't get up yet. When he heard what Song Xiuran said, he asked in a daze: "Who to check?" Song Xiuran's eyes narrowed: "My wife." "Hehehe, Xiuran,facial recognition thermometer, don't be ridiculous. When did you have a wife?" Song Xiuran snorted coldly and hung up the phone. Shao Wenxuan threw away his mobile phone and prepared to continue sleeping. However, after sleeping for less than two minutes, he sat up from the bed. hsdtouch.com