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Qin Di Paid

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Guqin is the earliest stringed musical instrument, the treasure of traditional culture, and the most musical instrument. The five guqin owned by Qin Zong are all famous guqin of a generation, but they are far from enough, because we don't have a guqin that can really be called an artifact. If you have other famous instruments, you must get it as much as possible. Especially the legendary five peerless lutes, which are equivalent to the existence of artifacts. "Grandpa Qin, what does the famous Qin have?" "There are many kinds of famous pianos, which can be divided into many types, such as Shenlong style, Lianzhu style, Shikuang style, Lingji style, Fengshi style and so on.." Qin Shang's words flashed through my mind, Yuyun Qin, although not comparable to the artifact of the peerless Qin, but also the same level of Chunlei Qin! At this time, the girl in front of the piano turned to look at the sound of bamboo, now sitting beside him was a man, can not help but surprised the small mouth slightly open. She is wearing a light blue clothes and trousers, the same color of the long quietly on the shoulder, although not as soul-stirring beauty as Anya, but the gentle between the eyebrows is still very easy to give a good impression. Especially her sky-blue eyes, although in surprise,industrial racking systems, but still very soft eyes. Just then, the sound of the zither sounded, but at that moment, the whole audience was shocked. Yin Zhu's eyes on Yu Yun Qin were also forcibly pulled over. Guzheng looks like Guqin, but it is bigger than Guqin and has more strings, totaling 21. The sound is gorgeous, loud and clear, and easier to control than Guqin. Qin Shang said to Yin Zhu that among the numerous ancient musical instruments, Qin was the emperor and Zheng was the queen. Qin is difficult to play with other instruments except Xiao,Teardrop Pallet Racking, while Zheng can play with any instrument. Compared with Guqin, the sound of Guzheng is clearer and more beautiful, and its range is wider, but it lacks the elegant and profound temperament and long lingering charm. At this time, when the zither played by the young girl on the stage just sounded, the sound of the zither like high mountains and flowing water with orange brilliance made the whole audience spirit pull at the same time. Clear and full of texture in the sound of Zheng with a little bit of sadness, her pair of slender jade hands rolling on the string of Zheng, and the orange brilliance released in the sound of Zheng, Zheng sound is like a spiritual thread, holding everyone's mind. Episode 1 Qin Magician Chapter 7 Milan Magical Academy (4) Book friends are welcome to collect and vote. If you have a monthly ticket, please vote for the zodiac first. Thank you. - Yin Zhu looked straight at the girl in white on the stage. Her eyes were already a little more blurred. She murmured to herself, "a Chinese Ghost Story." The four characters of a Chinese Ghost Story are not the description of the girl on the stage, but the name of the Zheng music. The rhythm of the hands is very fast, but the feeling of flowing clouds and flowing water is not abrupt at all. The sound of the zither is clear and distant. Although the orange magic power is not enough to cover the whole audience, it is still clear to everyone's ears in the beautiful buzzing sound of the zither. The sad and euphemistic Zheng music drives people's emotions, and everyone's expression begins to rise and fall with the fluctuation of Zheng music, even the teacher Biji who came with Yinzhu is no exception. Yin Zhu's eyes blurred, shuttle rack system ,warehouse pallet racks, perhaps, others are lost because of the sad sound wave of Zheng music, but his heart has been completely immersed in the harmonious plucking and melody of this wonderful Zheng music. The sound bamboo gesture changes again, the right hand index and middle two fingers become a semicircle, the left hand big, middle and nameless three fingers press the string at the same time, the sound wave vibrates, becomes softer than before,asrs warehouse, and dilutes the sadness in the song "a Chinese Ghost Story" a little. With the accompaniment of Qin, Zheng and Ming, the last two people could not help singing together. Human Road Happy young man. jracking.com