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Queen of the Xie family Paid

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When the emperor came back, Princess Yuyao showed him the paper like a treasure. Father, father, look. The emperor looked at the paper and then at Yuyao, and his smile gradually spread across his face, like the ripples of a drop of water breaking the surface of the water. Xie Ning listened to the clear voice of Princess Yuyao in the side hall, and her face showed a smile, but her smile was immediately replaced by a dignified and worried look. Is Fang Shanggong all right? Green lotus says softly: "Get up early to see her complexion is not good, I ask her the body is uncomfortable, ask the person of too hospital to look.". She said it didn't matter, she just caught a cold. The master's body is valuable now. Fang Shanggong said that he was afraid of being ill and angry with you, so he didn't come to you to serve him. And she told me not to tell you about it. I'm afraid Xie Ning will be worried. The room is a little stuffy, and there is no ice in Xie Ning's room now. A few days ago, it was overcast and rainy, and the weather was not hot. As soon as it cleared up now, it suddenly became hot. Even in the evening, when the sun had already gone down, the room was still as hot as a steamer. The capital is hotter than other places, and the palace of this Dynasty was renovated on the site of the former Dynasty. Many palaces were built two or three hundred years ago. It is always uncomfortable to live in such an old house. Xie Ning's neck was covered with sweat,alumina c799, and she wiped it with a veil, but she still felt her neck sticky. This weather is very difficult. Xie Ning's body is getting heavier and heavier day by day. Sometimes in such weather, he feels that his chest is pressed by something and he can't breathe. The big prince always has no spirit during the day and can't sleep well at night these days. He said once, always dreaming. I dreamed that the pairs that could not come out during the day would come out at night, and there were several different pairs. I was very happy, but I didn't remember another one when I woke up. Fang Shanggong's health is not good, she has an old illness,cordierite c520, so the weather without the sun is very difficult for her. Even if she does not let green lotus green plum say to Xie Ning, but Xie Ning is not stupid. How can Fang Shanggong not show up for a day at ordinary times? Something's wrong. Green lotus they can not take the initiative to report to Xie Ning Fang Shanggong fell ill, but Xie Ning took the initiative to ask, they can not but say. If you don't say it, you'll be deceiving the Lord. You really don't care about the importance. Green lotus and green plum knelt down and dared not lift their heads. Xie Ning has always been very kind to the people around him, and this is the first time that Qing He and Qing Mei have heard harsh words. You can't ask the Imperial Physician to hide your illness. If you delay like this, you may not be able to turn a minor illness into a serious one. If Fang Shanggong really has something in case, can you feel at ease for the rest of your life? Besides, Fang Shanggong that person is very strong, if only a little uncomfortable, how can she be willing to admit illness? He must have been so ill that he had to lie down. Since it's not a minor illness, it can't be delayed. "Green Plum went out and ordered someone to go to the Imperial Hospital to see who was there and ask a familiar doctor to come over." Green plum hurriedly answered, climbed up and went out to send a message. Xie Ning said to Qing He, ceramic bobbin heater ,7g Ozone Generator, "Get up." Qing He quickly knocked his head and stood up holding the floor tiles. What happened to Fang Shanggong?  at least Duan Yicheng dare not neglect,steatite c221, despise her. Even if Fang Shanggong is nothing, the imperial concubine specially sent someone to summon the doctor to Yongan Palace at this time, which shows how much the imperial concubine values Fang Shanggong. global-ceramics.com