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Sky high Price Little Wife President's 33 Days of Love Paid

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"Young Master." Several nurses stood aside and bowed to Li Juexi, who was wearing a suit and leather shoes. All go down. Li Juexi's voice was hoarse and a little nasal. Yes, young master. The door is closed. There were only two brothers left in the empty room, one lying on the bed and the other sitting on the chair beside the bed. You don't want to wake up at all. Lijusi looked at Lijusi's pale and bloodless face and gave a low smile. He picked up the glass beside him and tilted it towards his brother. "Are you interested in tasting my 1982 red wine?" The response to him was naturally silence. To your eldest brother, your sister-in-law has run away. Li Juexi said to himself, with fatigue in his eyes, raised his head and drank the red wine in one gulp, without any taste on the tip of his tongue. Lijus was in a coma. Your eldest brother was played by a woman. Li Juexi laughed at himself. "I went to check everything that happened to her during this period of time. Everything is very common and reasonable." "In our family, things that are too reasonable are not right." As the eldest son of the Li family, he saw this more thoroughly than anyone else. "Father came between me and Manvin." It's just that my father is covering it up, and he can't find out anything even if he tries his best. "She chose to compromise with her father instead of trusting me." Li Juexi turned the empty glass in his hand, and the thick-walled glass vaguely reflected something that could not be seen clearly at all. "Your eldest brother is a very useless man in her eyes." Whatever happened, she had chosen to leave him. In her heart, he can't protect her at all. Chapter 3825 Li Juexi: Don't live with Dad (116). Outside the sun slowly sprinkled in, Li Jue Si is still lying in bed, motionless, breathing against the respirator. A long time. Li Juexi stood up and stared down at his brother. His deep voice sounded in the empty room. "Are you happier lying there than I am standing?" Still no response. He also did not expect to get a response,Magnesium Oxide price, Li Juexi turned toward the door, the pace of the different, walked to the door when the body shook, reached out to touch the hot forehead. God damn it. He forgot where Manvin had put some common medicines for him before, and he could not find them. Just like her. Mingming was there all the time, and he could see it at any time. But when he looked back,Magnesium Oxide price, he couldn't find it. Three years later, Germany. The flowers on the windowsill are in full bloom and sunny, giving them nutrients without stint. A beautiful figure sat on the sofa, reading in the sunshine, her long hair hanging down softly, half covering a face that had no expression but was still beautiful. Mother The door was gently pushed open, and a small face came out of the door, blinking a pair of big eyes, looking in. Manvin withdrew his eyes from the book and raised his face to look at it. Only then did a smile appear on his indifferent face. "What's wrong, Jane?" "My sister is still sleeping. Can you take me to play first?" Jane looked at her expectantly. OK Manwen closed the book, took a coat from the wardrobe and put it on, and suddenly his hand was grasped by a white and tender little hand. She looked down at her eldest daughter. Jane touched Qi Liuhai on her forehead and blinked shyly. She hesitated for a long time before saying, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "Mom, can I call you that?The driver drove the car in front of them. Jane looked at Manwen eagerly. Manwen could not refuse such a look. He said to the driver, "No need for a car. I'll take Jane for a walk." stargrace-magnesite.com