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Student: I'm too old to brush my teeth. Unpaid

3 months ago Constructor Gananoque   11 views
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Location: Gananoque

While the rest of the group focused on Silver Star, Alice snuck up the elevator and went back up. Above is He Feng's single training room. There are so few things in the huge space that you can almost see them at a glance. Unless there was a trap, she really didn't see that a space bomb could be hidden here. Alice went to the door, poked her head out of the crack and looked at both sides of the corridor. She didn't find anyone and went out. She found a direction to stick to the wall. She raised her hand to the ear drill and whispered, "Start." The ear drill emitted a faint light. No. S7963 Light Brain is at your service. Please fill in the following. A virtual screen suddenly appeared in front of Alice, on which was the setting of the light brain. She turned into a corner along the wall, roughly glanced at the contents, and quickly filled them out. After a period of silence, a voice suddenly sounded in her ear: "Hey!"! What are you going to do secretly? Alice listened to the tone of the light brain and the obscene breath in the words, the corners of her mouth could not help twitching twice, gritted her teeth and corrected: "Yes, we, two!" "Oh well, obviously I don't think of myself as a person." Light brain teases oneself: "So dear daughter, what are we going to do now?" "Who is your daughter?" Alice pressed the hand that wanted to pull the light brain down and throw it away, and said with a black face,Faux cherry blossom tree, "If I didn't fill in the wrong words just now, the name I gave you is'Isa ', right?" That's right, but according to the information I just searched, the famous star pirate is Isaac, you give me this name. You like him? Alice: "" No one told her that the name could also affect the intelligence quotient of the light brain. Essa:.. Well,artificial grass panels, I can tell by the look on your face that you're complaining about me. So let's get back to business: What are we going to do in secret? Alice took a deep breath, walked out of the corner, pressed against the wall and continued to walk. She said to her mentally retarded light brain as softly as she could: "My thing was stolen. It's called a space bomb. Can you help me find it?" Essa simply said, "No." Alice: "" No, what's the use of this thing for her! Dear, as your other brain, I need to teach you some basic knowledge, such as: the material of space bombs is very special, ordinary people can not afford to buy even if they sell all their organs. There are only two places that can have such great wealth at present. Alice's face was expressionless. "Where?" "First, the Empire." "Two, the Red Snake Federation." It was the second time she had heard the name of the Red Snake Federation. "So, my dear, silk olive tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, don't lie to your brain, because when you don't need to prop it up with countless lies, it has been exposed." Without waiting for the voice to fall, Alice pulled down the ear drill and threw it out. She gasped and laughed, "I really don't know what people think now. Is one brain not enough?"?  Someone filed a complaint? As soon as Alice looked down and saw the ear drill Isa lying quietly in He Feng's hand, which she had thrown out not long ago, she suddenly became silent. "My dear master, she likes elders, gave me the name of her lover, and abandoned me severely.." the ear drill rolled around in the palm of He Feng's hand,silk cherry blossom tree, singing in a sobbing tone. Alice: "" He Feng: ".." Moments later, He Feng turned his head and coughed, "You." Your light brain is very characteristic. Alice: "" You call that a trait? He Feng handed his hand forward: "Don't throw it away next time. It's not always possible to meet someone as caring as me and send it back to you." hacartificialtree.com