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Supermodel saved the world again today. Paid

1 year ago Want to marry Fall River   78 views
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Location: Fall River

"My father is dead, and my mother is ill and doesn't want to call a doctor for her. They are already together underground. How can anyone in the world protect me?" Angel's words were a little more resentful, and she remembered the day the big lady had driven her out. For a long time, the first lady resented that Angel's mother, Xiao Xue, had taken away all the master's care and love and held a grudge. So on the day of Anjia's death, he began to suppress Xiao Xue's mother and son until Xiao Xue died of illness and drove Angel out of Anjia. I remember when I left, you said you had someone you loved with you. There is something in Mu Chenhao's words. He Married my sister, the so-called real Miss Anjia, what a lifetime of a pair of people, are all lies. Angel's voice was very sad, but with a fragile childishness. The mood of the original owner is affecting Angel, and the suffering she has suffered is torturing Angel. Mu Chenhao pupil locked for a moment, no matter who heard his favorite woman said like others, do not want to listen to, he opened the door, pushed Angel hard, put her into the car. Then he got into the car, and neither of them spoke during the drive,juice filling machine, so quietly that he could hear a pin drop on the ground. Where are you going "Send me back to the Taoyuan Opera Troupe." "Aren't you going home?" Mu Chenhao wondered if she had been singing in the Taoyuan Opera Troupe all the time? "I live there because I'm already homeless." There was a little more sarcasm in Angel's words. Mu Chenhao heard this, holding the steering wheel of some trembling hands, only five years, the original naive for love can be desperate, and even trample on his dignity of the woman, can become like this. With thorns all over his body, like a little hedgehog. The author has something to say: Ask for comment on the grip Chapter 50 female ghosts of the Republic of China are actors (3). After Angel got out of the car, she entered the Taoyuan Opera Troupe with the steps of a lady. This step is the habit of the original owner. It is very difficult to change the living habits of a lady for a long time. Where and how did she die? There was a little more pity in Angel's words. In her room. Come on,Vegetable oil filling machine, let's make a magic array to summon her, so the female ghost will be summoned. "All right." [For the reward of your last Blood Clan task, the task rating is A, and you get the Blood Clan Xuanyue Favorable Degree of 90, and the Blood King Warmth Favorable Degree of 70, and you get the task score of 150.] Angel listen, how this task score is so low, after all, she did not know anything to come to that world, the task is so arduous, is there no extra reward? [Because you are opportunistic, just didn't let Zuo Xiaowang become a vampire, but didn't fulfill her true wish. However, PET blowing machine ,PET bottle Mold, the host, the mysterious weapon Qingying is permanent, and you didn't lose money.] "Permanent?" There was a trace of joy on Angel's face, which meant she didn't have to waste points to buy weapons in the future? Look at the way you get the upper hand. For a little point, are you so snobbish? If you miss the effective time of the necromancy chart, it won't work.] Angel listened to the system A1038 so carefully, so that she once believed in science in the Marxist world is very helpless, but she has come back from the dead into the time and space administration, what can not happen? Evil spirits come out of the body,liquid bottle filling machine, nine souls return. Nine secluded spots in the afterlife evoke the soul. "Evil spirits come out of the body, and nine souls return.". Nine secluded spots in the netherworld call back the soul. Angel also read along, did not expect that one day she actually began to believe in these supernatural things. But there was a real ghost. She had long hair covering her face. She couldn't see the expression on her face. She was black and dressed in white. She looked like Sadako in The Ring. gzxilinear.com