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The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Asbestos   51 views

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He laughed and scolded and picked up his cell phone. Before he opened his mouth, a flustered voice came from the other side: "Ershao!"! There's an accident in the casino. Look at the surveillance video. The young man frowned, hung up the phone, and quickly opened the real-time surveillance video leading to the casino. As soon as it opened, he just saw the scene in chaos. More than 30 people were lying on the ground, and Ye Tianxie was approaching Li Tianpeng and Li Lulu with a frightened face step by step. His face suddenly changed. Li Ershao, how to look at a mobile phone face has become like a pig liver, is not a woman robbed, ha. The big fat man put down his glass, tore up a chicken wing and said vaguely. "" The man called Li Ershao gave a forced laugh and stood up and said, "I'm sorry, Zuo Shao, and everyone. Something happened to my eldest brother and elder sister. I'll go out and make a phone call first, and I'll be right back." "Call your sister and sit down." Show me what's going on, and I'll settle it for you. The big fat man pulled Li Ershao back with one hand. There was great strength hidden under his huge body. He carried Li Ershao back to his seat like a chicken, and then grabbed his cell phone. A few faces immediately came over and gloated at the screen of the mobile phone. Looking at the wolves all over the ground and the people crying for their father and mother all over the ground,Ceramic Bobbin, the big fat man grinned, but when his eyes fell on Tianxie. Damn it He stood up suddenly, as if he had suddenly been stabbed in the buttocks by a sharp knife. The violent rise and sound almost frightened a few people who came over their faces and fell to the ground on the spot. Zuo Shao.. What's the matter? Looking at the big fat man's blue veins, Li Ershao obviously felt something was wrong and said cautiously. What's the matter? With a loud roar, the big fat man stepped left and lifted up Li Ershao, who was completely unaware of the situation,Ceramic Band Heater, and said ferociously, "How dare you ask what's wrong?"! Call your big brother who doesn't have eyes right away and ask him to apologize to that man right away. No, it's kowtowing. Go and kowtow to me three times. Do you understand? This is not only Li Ershao, everyone else is directly dumbfounded. Kowtow!? In this era, kneeling is not as worthless as the cabbage in the vegetable market in ancient times. In this era, kneeling can only kneel to one's parents, elders or masters, or benefactors who have great kindness to oneself. Otherwise, if a man kneels and kowtows to a person, no matter how great his achievements in the future, he will never be able to raise his head in front of him and carry the shame that can not be washed away for a lifetime. And Zuo Shao.. Unexpectedly let the Li family give that man. Kneel and kowtow? Chapter 135 walk away. Chapter 135 walk away. "Zuo Shao.." I don't understand.. That man is. Li Ershao asked with trepidation, ceramic igniter electrodes ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Zuo Shao's power is terrible, Changing again and again,Ozone generator ceramic plate, gradually, the muscles on his face began to tremble and twitch, and then his whole body began to tremble like a spasm. global-ceramics.com