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The only thing that can be explained is that the grandfather of the migrant worker touched the seeds of the extremely shady grass in the dead. In the face of the child's arm thick King Shen was said to be worthless, or even framed for fraud, middle-aged migrant workers do not give up: "Boss, I carried it all the way over.". My mother is in the hospital waiting for the money to be used for medical treatment, and both the noble and the humble have accepted my participation. "Twenty," said the treacherous boss with his hands behind his back. The swarthy face of the middle-aged migrant worker was flushed. As if he had suffered a great loss, the boss sighed and stretched out four fingers: "Forty, no more.". I also saw that you had come all the way here in a very heavy way. You said that this radish-like thing was still empty and could not be eaten. Who would want it? How can ginseng be fake? The middle-aged migrant worker sighed heavily, only to see a white Range Rover stop at the door of the store, and a middle-aged man who looked like a housekeeper walked quickly into the drugstore. The crowd suddenly stirred up: "My God, this is the big housekeeper of the Fan family!" "Tut-tut, here comes the business of the unscrupulous boss making a lot of money." Speaking of the Fan family, it refers to the catering industry in Y province-Fan's Medicinal Food Workshop, which is a catering giant that pays hundreds of millions of taxes for Z city every year! It is said that many central leaders in China went to Fan's Medicinal Food Workshop for dinner. Fan's housekeeper was overjoyed to see the ginseng king with arms as thick as a child's. When he found that the ginseng was hollow, he shook his head regrettably and turned to the boss and said, "Put out the highest ginseng king in your shop. In the evening, the Medicinal Food Workshop will receive distinguished guests,Slate Wall Panel, as long as the best." The stingy boss happily took out a 60-year-old ginseng king and quoted a price of 100,000 yuan. Without waiting for the housekeeper to speak, Chen Zhifan stepped forward and stared at Fan's housekeeper: "I hope you can make a decision later." With that, he took out the only seventy or eighty yuan of change in his pocket and put it into the hands of the middle-aged migrant workers: "Can you give me this ginseng?" Middle-aged migrant workers gritted their teeth: "OK, it belongs to you." Originally, the boss expected fifty yuan to collect the dummy ginseng with thick arms,Artificial Marble Slabs, and then he would have a chance to slaughter it at a high price. But now the young man has done something wrong, so the owner of the drugstore sneered, "Hum, it's really interesting. I've been looking at ginseng in my shop for a long time. I'm a poor man. With seventy or eighty yuan, I can go to the vegetable market to buy radishes!"! You can buy a basket. Chen Zhifan ignored him, but he directly pulled up the ginseng plants and inserted them into the nursery on one side of the Avenue. People gathered around to watch the scene of bustle were confused: What are you doing? Ten minutes later, when everyone was impatient, Chen Zhifan pulled up the ginseng again! Ginseng is still a child with thick arms! But it was this planting and pulling that made two green leaves grow on the King of Ginseng, which made Fan's housekeeper blurt out: "The King of Ginseng with five hundred years of medicinal age!" Text 6. No Chapter 6 The Breaking of the Great Creation! "Let me see, let me see!" The potbellied drugstore owner pushed Chen Zhifan. When his hand touched the solid ginseng, his face twitched unconsciously: "This ginseng is mine!"! The brother was going to sell me just now. The people watching the scene of bustle around looked like the boss who was shouting. He was worthless just now, but now the ginseng has become solid. Who will let you put it! Fan's housekeeper unceremoniously pushed the owner of the medicine shop away and said politely to Chen Zhifan, white marble mosaic ,Agate Stone Price, "Little brother, can you give up this ginseng? We are willing to buy it for one million yuan." Chen Zhifan nodded, but looked at the real migrant worker man who was stupefied.He stood in the middle of the road with his hands behind his back like the King of Heaven. Seeing the policeman Chen Zhifan dressed in civilian clothes,Agate Slabs For Sale, he couldn't figure out whether he was a person or a ghost? Shiba Dog squeezed out a smiling face that was uglier than crying: "Officer Chen, Officer Chen, misunderstanding." forustone.com